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Plant 4.0 : Manual / automated tooling conveyor for CMM and palletizing for serial control

The best solution to save you time in production: the automation of manual operations by conveying your series of parts to your measuring machines.

Carrying out the fixtures allows the parts to be positioned for repeatable and reproducible measurement.
From now on, we adapt complete systems of conveyors and palletizers on your coordinate measuring machines.

Our tooling conveyor system saves significant time on different workstations:

– Loading / unloading of parts in masked time.
– Continuous feeding with automated conveyor of your machine (operators load when they have time by installing several fixtures; the machine is continuously supplied without their intervention; there is no downtime).
– Ergonomic station for your operators with easy loading, at height.
– No range launch error: bar code scan to launch a program.
– Improved workstation security.

Our conveyor systems for 3D machines can be manual or automated and they are adaptable to all types of 3D measuring machines (DEA, Leitz, Zeiss, Mitutoyo, Wenzel, Nikon,…).

Our system is designed so that your sets are positioned on your marble always in the same place thanks to our pneumatic palletizer.

Sematec Métrologie has its own catalog of conveyors which incorporates a load of up to 380 kg with positioning by steel spheres and parking sensors. Beyond that, we can do tailor-made.

Complete offer: Through these different internal services, we are able to offer you a package including:

– MMT programs (Pcdmis, Quindos, Calypso, MCosmos, Metrolog XG & amp; X4, …),
– realization of multi-cavity or multi-room installations,
– conveyors and palletizers,
– complete integration on your site of the whole with training of your technicians.

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