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The control assembly is designed and produced from your plans, your parts and the dimensions you want to measure.

The objective of a control assembly

It is to be able to quickly position a part to measure the functional dimensions essentially. The part is placed in position and, depending on the flexibility (deformation of the plastic parts), it is held or not by clamps to allow control with simple elements: sensors, dial gauges, calipers, rods, gauges, etc.
If the project requires control for a family of parts, Sematec Metrology can design versatile and adaptable control fixtures.
The Sematec Metrology group has its own design office made up of technicians with the dual skills of Design / Metrology, who manage the project on demand:
– design,
– production,
– tuning,
– validation,
– calibration.

With optional:
– a study of Reproducibility and Repeatability (R & amp; R);
– a capability analysis;
– delivery with user manual (French / English) and protocol for use;
– an audit in the following years.

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