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The inspection set-up is the tool for quickly positioning a series of parts, in a repeatable and reproducible manner, for spot or series inspection. Sematec Métrologie designs control fixtures based on your plans and your measurement constraints (depending on the measurement machines used: optical, three-dimensional, etc.).

We carry out control fixtures for the following applications:

– Plastic parts for the automotive sector: headlight housings, trim and seat parts, front / rear bumpers, control buttons, windows, sunroofs, etc.

– Plastic parts for the medical sector: syringes with high production rate, plastic parts for medical aerosols, caps, tubes, sprayers, etc.

– Metal parts for the aeronautical sector: turbine blades, exhaust housings, pipes, spars, …

Depending on the project, the part is maintained on supports, a means adapted and validated by us.
With a large fleet of 3D and optical measuring machines, Sematec frequently intervenes for complete projects: installation + realization of the measurement program with installation on customer site.
Equipped with the measurement software Pcdmis, Quindos, Metrolog XG, Metrolog X4, Calypso, Cosmos, QVPack, InspecVision, Measure X and Measure Mind, the supplied program can allow to measure several parts at the same time.
In addition, due to the partnership between Sematec Metrologie and Q-DAS, the project can also integrate automatic data recording and statistical processing of data for large series of measurements.

With our fixtures, it is possible to deliver:

-a measurement protocol;
-a calibration certificate;
-an R & amp; R study (Reproducibility and Repeatability);
-a personalized capability (X operators x Y parts x Z passages, according to your requirements);
– staff training.

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