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Sematec Metrologie produces various tools and control models

Control assembly : manual or automated, for production control .
Control setting : for part measurement under the best conditions on a 3D, optical or other control machine.
Inspection jig : for a quick inspection in production.
Manual or automated conveyors , to transport your parts to your measuring machine.

The choice of the type of control means is made on the basis of several criteria:

– The frequency of dimensional measurements (cycle time).
– The type of control (in production, in metrology, in entry control, etc.).
– The level of precision of the dimensions to be measured.

Our design office is made up of technicians who have dual skills in design and dimensional metrology .
Their knowledge of measurement makes it possible to design your solutions for use:

– simple, fast and robust in production;
– designed for repeatable and reproducible measurement (R & amp; R test);
– easy access for optical measurement and / or with a probe (3D metrology);
– versatile: for a jig that combines Go / No Go type control in production and 3D control in metrology.

In addition, having a large pool of 3D measuring machines (and therefore measuring software), Sematec Metrologie very regularly produces turnkey solutions : design and realization of control means + creation and installation on customer site of the measurement range on PCDMIS and Quindos (Hexagon Metrology), Metrolog XG (Metrologic group), Calypso (Zeiss), MCosmos & amp; QVPACK (Mitutoyo), Measure X and Measure Mind (OGP).

Depending on the weight and budget issues, Sematec Métrologie can adapt the materials used: Aluminum, Fortal, Makrolon (transparent plastic), steels, stainless steel, etc. with surface treatment if necessary.

In addition to the study, production and assembly of the control means, we can provide other additional services for you:
– user manual (French, English, …), measurement protocol ,
calibration of the means ,
R & amp; R studies (Reproducibility and Repeatability), we have Minitab statistics software. All our designs are designed for optimum results,
– personalized capabilities (X operators x N parts x M passages, according to your requirements),
– training of personnel in the passage of measurement programs,
– periodic verification of the fittings in the following years.

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