Rx tomography and 3D metrology

mesure 3D par tomographie
tomographie Rx aubes turbine

X-ray tomography allows three-dimensional control to be carried out in a non-destructive way.

There are two scenarios where tomography is strongly recommended for 3D measurement:

  • The measurement of non-accessible internal dimensions
  • Colorimetry: comparison between CAD and the real part to visualize the deformations

The dimensioning of the plans sometimes require going to measure dimensions by cutting the parts. This creates measurement uncertainties because cutting the part can generate deformations in the area to be measured. The principle of tomography is to generate a cloud of points. With this point cloud (.STL format), we are able to carry out measurements of diameters, concentricities, parallelisms, lengths, flatnesses, … Our services in 3D measurement by RX tomography therefore allow to take out all the dimensions indicated on the plan.

RX tomography colorimetry allows you to quickly understand how the real part is distorted compared to its CAD. It is a very popular report format because it is understandable by everyone, from the metrologist, to the project manager, to the customer or supplier on the other side of the world.

Thus, we can overlay the CAD with the scan and are also able to overlay two scans together.

The old piece was going up and not the new one? Nothing could be simpler to compare and understand the difference in deformation.


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