Material inspections by X-ray tomography:
See porosities, cracks, inclusions, welding defect, solder, …

Visualize, locate and quantify the defects of a part in a non-destructive way.

Rx tomography analysis makes it possible to visualize:

  • porosities, air bubbles, cracks, inclusions, …
  • weld and solder defects
  • assembly faults: leaks on a set of assembled parts, leaks on joints, …
  • the orientation of the fiber drawing direction: on loaded plastic parts, on composite, …

The objective of a tomography service:

Rx tomography services take place mainly in an emergency (analysis within 48 to 72 hours) to resolve several issues:

  • on steel and aluminum foundries where porosities emerge during machining,
  • on plastic injections which contain internal defects linked to the injection process,
  • on part breakage issues: porosities disturb mechanical resistance,
  • on leakage problems: crushing of seals between two plastic parts,
  • on specific faults: suspicious noises, disturbance of an electrical signal, in short, all types of faults that the product will encounter during its lifetime.

Rx tomography therefore allows you to understand the defects of parts without even having to touch them. Understanding the problem is already a good part of solving the problem.

With 3 tomographs, we have the ability to respond quickly to your requests, contact us!

tomographie RX de porosite sur fonteie

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