Assembly defects – RX tomography analysis

tomographie d'assemblage

Leaks, cracks, inclusions, mechanical assembly defect , …, are all problems that can be resolved in service by X-ray tomography.

Dismantling a defective assembly is taking the risk of losing information on the fault zone when it is dismantled.
X-ray tomography is used to scan a part or an assembly and, like scanners in hospitals, one can then visualize where the defect area is positioned.

Several assembled parts (plastic, aluminum, steel, …) and a leak problem?
RX tomography is the non-destructive solution to assess your assembly . The videos and images provided will traverse the room and the shades of gray observed will correspond to the differences in density of the materials. Thus, on cosmetic packaging, we observe the cream leaking between the thread of the cap and the bottle. On a steel part which has just broken, we can observe that there was a mechanical weakness on the series of parts due to a cloud of porosities present.

In addition to visualizing the defect, we can take measurements on the size of the defects to help you better understand the problem.

Sematec Métrologie is your RX tomography service provider.

Equipped with 3 power tomographs from different sources, we are able to scan any type of part: Plastic tomography, Aluminum tomography, Steel tomography, Composite tomography,
Depending on your room, we’ll use the right medium with the best possible resolution.

The results will be sent to you in the form of photos, videos and even volume file with the viewer VG STUDIO MAX so you can go even further far into the analysis. We know our tool perfectly and you have the product knowledge.

Do not hesitate to be talkative therefore in your requests because the more we know, the more precise we are in the area that interests you the most!


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