RX tomography service

Porosities, cracks, leaks, inclusions , assembly defects , defective solder, air bubbles , …, as many defects as we know characterize in X-ray tomography.

Equipped since 2008 with 3 RX tomographs, Sematec Metrologie provides RX tomography services on plastic, composite, glass, aluminum, inconel, steel, …

Non-destructive technology, RX tomography makes it possible to visualize, locate and quantify defects in the heart of matter without even having to touch them.

The 4 possible services in RX tomography

Are you having a problem with your parts?


Our qualities for the service in X-ray tomography:

  • Technique: Have 3 tomographs to go through plastic like steel: 160kV high resolution from GE, 225kV from Zeiss and 450kV from Nikon.
  • Deadline: response to the quote within 24 to 48 hours and possible analyzes in case of emergency within 2 days of receipt of the sample.
  • Result: Videos / photos / possibility of providing you with the viewer VG STUDIOMAX .

Sematec RX tomography service machine park:

– power: 225 KeV / 225W;
– detector: 1024 x 1024 pixels;
– image resolution: 5 µ & lt; X & lt; 400 µ (Choice of resolution in automatic);
– measurement volume: cylinder 300 x 300 mm.

– power: 160 KeV / 15 W;
– detector: 2300 x 2300 pixels;
– image resolution: 0.5 µ & lt; X & lt; 30 µ (Choice of resolution modifiable);
– measurement volume: 150 x 120 x 120 mm.

This micro tomograph allows you to choose the desired resolution level.

– power: 450 KV / 15 W;
This tomograph makes it possible to cross high density materials.