Tomography: Scan of parts by X-rays!


Tomography is an imaging technique which allows to reconstruct the volume of a room from projections of Rx images.

Thanks to it, we can inspect and identify any malfunctions, but also measure your parts with formidable precision! About 9 + L / 50 (i.e. approximately + -10µm) …

Thorough inspections

You can use this technique at different stages of your project:

-Development of the part: R & amp; D services often use tomography in order to freeze the parameters before putting the part into production or simply for understand what’s going on inside ;

-During production: it is important to regularly check the material health of a production of parts in order to correct the drifts of ‘injections or material change ;

-After-sales service: tomography makes it possible to check the problems of a part in customer feedback in order to understand the causes of the malfunction without destroying it or affecting the possible defect and thus eliminating the cause its responsibility ;

-In case of breakage / dysfunction: tomography can often explain the causes which can be multiple ( porosities , initiation of cracks , distribution of fibers , friction , position of assembled parts , crushing of joints , etc.).

Tomography makes it possible to carry out complete metrologies of your parts , 9 + L50 (approximately 10µm) on accessible surfaces.

For this last type of density, the geometric tolerances are + -50µm maximum. Apart from these densities and thicknesses, feasibility tests can be carried out.


Photos of a measurement of an assembled area inaccessible by standard means.

The dimensions are programmed according to your plan using the CALYPSO software from ZEISS. A metrology report is then drawn up on SEMATEC media or yours, at your convenience.

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