Control of roughness and profile measurement (Threading, chamfers, radii, …)

The roughness check is a characterization of the surface condition , just like the profile measurement.
On industrial plans, “Ra”, “Rz”, “Rmax”,
We are able to carry out your roughness checks with our measuring devices.

Roughness and profile can be measured on different materials which do not deteriorate with the passage of a stylus (steel, polyethylene, glass, etc.).
The automotive, aerospace, medical and industrial sectors often have plans requiring these measures.

In order to obtain a surface finish as fine as possible, the parts may undergo polishing via tribofinishing or polishing processes.
In plastic injection , the mold surface condition is one of the keys to controlling the surface condition of the part.

Roughness part:

On your manufacturing plans you see roughness ratings (Ra, Rz, PT, Rmax,…).
The measurements of these different specifications will allow you to control the adhesion of your product.

  • In mechanics: the roughness of a part allows better anchoring and is regularly measured on parts where the sealing function is important.
  • In quality: Information on the surface condition of your part allows you to qualify your manufacturing process, it also allows you to detect and correct any problems that have arisen during machining.
  • In perception: And yes, when you grab a bottle of shampoo, your first opinion is the visual, the second is the touch. The surface condition of your products may have lead to a different perception by the consumer.

Profile part with profilometer (also called contourograph):

Often used for zone control with little reach such as chamfers and small radii, the profilometer also known as the contourograph also allows to reproduce the profile of a turning part for example.

Its very fine and bevelled tip allows precise access to the bottoms of grooves, grooves or notches

There aren’t many alternatives to the profilometer. As the CMM is often limited by the size of its probe balls, scanning with a measuring arm by its resolution and the projector does not allow internal measurement of a part.

Roughness control and profile measurement are a daily activity at SEMATEC METROLOGIE , entrust us with your parts!

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