Retrofitting your CMMs


Sematec Métrologie, via the dedicated retrofit service at Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence, now offers retrofitting of your three-dimensional measuring machines.

What interest for your MMT?

Secure your production:

Mechanically, coordinate measuring machines are robust.

The control bay part (the electronics) and the PC that controls the machine are the two key elements that require retrofitting.

The obsolescence of drive bays: Old machines that are 10, 20 or even 30 years old have drive bays that are no longer manufactured.

Therefore, in the event of a failure it is a complete shutdown of your production for several weeks or even several months while waiting for a complete change of the control bay.

Computers: Machines with more than 10 are still running Windows 98, 2000,…

This causes many problems concerning:

– the spare parts of these pc which are difficult to find

– the risks of system security breaches

– memory because it is generally computers that do not support 3D measurement software, which is resource intensive.

Therefore, this slows down the computing speed of the PC and lengthens the cycle time in measurement for your production.

The Control Bay / Computer package is dangerous because the two are compatible together.

If one of them is broken, the whole thing needs to be changed and urgently.

Gain measurement capacity:

Retrofitting your 3D machine means improving production security, but also updating your own measurement software (PCDMIS, Quindos, etc.) and thus offering yourself new programming features, the ability to be able to perform programs in offline mode, faster palletizing and above all take advantage of software updates to ensure measurement stability.


The used market can sometimes be good business … With a retrofit of a used machine, you buy yourself security and peace of mind for the next 10 years.

How to retrofit your MMT?

With some photos of your machine, your control bay and information about the PC and the software you have, we are able to cost the retrofit of your machine with or without changing the bay, PC and software according to your needs. needs.

Our goal is to be able to provide you with an intermediate solution to purchasing a new machine at a more competitive price. This is generally the case with large coordinate measuring machines.

After validation of our offer, the Retrofit Hexagon expert works on your machine to change and install what is necessary.

When it leaves, your machine is retrofitted and then calibrated and calibrated. Forward the measures !!

How to migrate your programs by changing 3D measurement software?

This is the added value of Sematec Métrologie in Hexagon retrofit projects.

Today there is no software-to-software CMM measurement program.

Due to the extent of our fleet of three-dimensional machines and metrology software, our metrologists have expertise in several 3D measurement software (Pcdmis / Quindos / Metrolog X4 / Cosmos / Calypso).

– Before the retrofit: your programs are rewritten from your old programs and your programming philosophy, before the retrofit to anticipate the change and they will run on your future measurement software as soon as the retofit is completed.

– During the retrofit: we have the ability to measure your parts in our agency and train you in the use of the new software to be operational as soon as your CMM is restarted!

We are able to make you migrate to two major software: PCDMIS, the best-selling software in the world thanks to its versatility, and Quindos, the most technical software thanks to its business specificities (gears, blades, etc.).

Do not hesitate to consult our sales team on your projects: Click here .