Referenced by GE & amp; Alstom at the European level, through RATP and many other major players in the railway sector, the Sematec Métrologie group has a strong presence in the railway sector. With a team of 15 people working full time on the different parts that make up a train, Sematec has unique expertise in this sector of activity.

The range of services offered is varied:

– Control of bogies with ROMER measuring arm on customer site.
– Periodic verification of welded assemblies and frame calibration.
– Three-dimensional measurement of small and large parts in the laboratory.
– Supplier audit (dimensional metrology, visual inspection: painting, welding, document management, etc.).
– Non Destructive Testing: Ultrasound, Magnetoscopy and Penetrant testing with several COFREND Level 2 certified technicians. < / a>
– Endoscopic inspection (visual inspection by camera).
– Measurement of paint thickness and gloss.
– Surface condition: roughness measurement.
– Secondment of qualified personnel to customer site: NDT, dimensional and three-dimensional control, supplier quality assurance, visual control, calibration, etc.

For its customers, Sematec Métrologie regularly works throughout the world for checks directly with suppliers (India, China, United States, Eastern Europe, Spain, Italy, etc.).

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