QUICK VISION ACTIVE – prestations QVPAK mesure 3D

Quick Vision Active Mitutoyo

Are you looking for a service provider for your QUICK VISION ACTIVE vision machine with QVPAK measurement software?

You are in the right place!

Equipped with a QVA 404, we are able to provide several services for your metrology department:

-The realization of QVPAK programs for your QVA machine
-The secondment of metrologists confirmed on the QVPAK software on your site
-The control of parts on our 3D machine in order to measure parts urgently for you (and we will provide you with the programs afterwards).

Our machine can measure parts that fit on the glass table: 400mm * 400mm

We have the capacity to measure plastic parts as well as metal parts.

In addition to the programming, we are able to provide you, if you wish, the control fixtures which can then allow you to control series of parts directly on your vision machine by positioning them quickly, in a stable manner. and by controlling several parts in the same measurement program.

For that, do not hesitate to send us your plans, your quantities and ideally the CAD in .STEP or .IGES.