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Historically, Sematec Métrologie has always worked for the medical and pharmaceutical sector. Indeed, it is a sector which generally produces small parts with dimensions requiring high precision: the core business of Sematec Métrologie when it was created in 1987!

Our activity in this sector first started with subcontractors who needed to guarantee the dimensional conformity of their parts, then extended to the main contractors: Sanofi, Astra Zeneca, Nemera, Rexam, BD Medical ,… The issues are generally very varied. The measurements are carried out both on the parts and on the production tools, particularly with regard to the grippers allowing the maintenance of these packaging (complex by their shape) during the filling phase in production.

Our know-how in the measurement of small complex parts, in restricted environments (clean or gray room), has enabled us to develop the range of our services:

– Carrying out and mounting multi-cavity control (from 1 to 98 cavities).
– Creation of offline optical measurement programs: Pcdmis software (Hexagon), QVPack & amp; Cosmos (Mitutoyo), Calypso (Zeiss), Measuremind (OGP) & amp; InSpec (Microvu).
– Expertise of parts by X-rays: Tomography (visualization of defects: air bubbles, cracks, porosities, leaks, …).
– Intervention of 3D measurement experts on supplier or customer site.
– Consulting service to help with the realization of plans using good rating practices to allow reliable control.

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