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Surprising, a three-dimensional measurement service provider working in luxury?!

Well yes, Sematec Métrologie works for several major players in this field such as Cartier, Chanel, l’Oréal, Pierre Fabre, Yves Rocher,… The common point of these major contractors is that they produce and market products at high added value.

Consequently, it is necessary for them to produce technical parts with particular care given to the packaging! It is a key factor in their clients’ decision making process.

This is why they call on Sematec Metrologie, which has several areas of expertise:

– Inspection of defects (porosities, air bubbles, cracks, etc.) on plastic or metal parts, single or assembled parts.
– 3D measurement of parts from their suppliers and analysis of initial samples on new projects.
– Advice on the development of new plans with a rating adapted to metrology.
– The measurement of inaccessible dimensions without destruction (assembly of parts as in lipsticks, etc.)
– The measurement of surface conditions or roughness control (impacting the customer’s feeling when handling the product).
– X-ray expertise for the analysis of leaks and leaks on assembled parts.

The range of Sematec Metrology services being very developed, this gives us the possibility of supporting our customers on many dimensional issues.

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