The electromechanical sector is one of the very first in which Sematec metrology has worked.

Indeed, with a presence in Isère, Sematec Métrologie works for major players in this sector such as the Schneider Electric group (partner for 30 years with Sematec Sud Est), ABB, Hager, etc.

With a very good knowledge of the measurement of small plastic overmolded parts, the measurement of electronic boards, series measurements for small complex parts.

Our services in the field of electromechanics

– Optical measurement, on electronic boards and small plastic assemblies for example.
– Tomography, X-ray analysis making it possible to study the content of the material to assess the parts without having to destroy them (visualize the different components, quantify and locate cracks, zones of delamination, etc.).
– 3D control on a three-dimensional measuring machine (CMM).
– Profile measurement (grooves, radii, areas difficult to measure).
– 3D measuring arm in probing and scanning.
– Control means: Assembly, fitting and test jigs for series measurement.
– Production control palletization with multi-piece layouts.
– In situ services of confirmed metrologists for the measurement of your parts with your equipment.

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