Reverse engineering & Reverse engineering:
Supply of CAD files in .STEP or .IGES format

reverse engineering

Lend us your part, we transform it into a digital file!

From the scanned point clouds of your parts and tools, we are able to reverse engineer your parts to be able to provide you with files that can be used by any design office in the industry. Usually we provide files in STEP or IGES format, the most common format.

Reverse engineering or reverse engineering consists of smoothing the point clouds to create clean surfaces in order to create a solid file that can be used in machining, in the design of new assemblies, etc.

The added value of Sematec Métrologie lies in its human know-how and its equipment. We have 4 different scanning methods that we sometimes have to combine together:

-The three-dimensional measuring machine in continuous scanning for its high accuracy

-The RX tomographs allowing to scan the interior of a part without touching it and without destroying it

-The arm scan which allow us to come on site to do the scans and with the possibility of making comparative scans, ideal for left shapes

-The laser tracker with scanner to come on site to digitize large assemblies while keeping a good precision.

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