3D digitization, scanning of your parts

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reverse engineering
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It is a process allowing you to scan your parts to generate a digital model known as a “point cloud”. From this model, several services are possible:

– Reverse engineering to reconstruct the CAD (STEP, IGES or CATPART format).
– 3D printing from the file in STL format (raw format resulting from digitalization)
– Carry out contactless measurements on the scanned model and output cartography type graphic views (overlay of CAD and scanned model).

Our means of 3D scanning

We are able to set up this service with several tools specialized in their types of parts:

  • by scanning measuring arm used to model parts from a few centimeters to several meters. It is a mobile device that can be used in our laboratories and on customer sites, according to your needs;
  • by tomography ( in an air-conditioned laboratory at 20 ° C ): Used for small parts requiring great precision, this tool can also digitize the internal surfaces of parts by X-rays. Indeed, the tomograph scans the entire part, this makes it possible to reach all of its surfaces, even those not very accessible.

The digitalization process

Once the scan is done, we obtain a point cloud allowing to model the surface of the part. We then use our software to compare these point clouds with each other, by superimposing them (comparison of several parts), either with their theoretical surfaces (CAD file), or with another digitized file.

Surface metrology

These digitizations have several advantages:

– visualization of dimensional differences (surplus / lack of material) between the part produced and the CAD file;

– study of drifts between several parts of the same series (tool / mold wear).


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