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Objective: Redo the digital model of a real part!


Sematec Métrologie has several 3D scanning equipment allowing, from a part (any type of material), the rapid acquisition of the model via a point cloud in STL format. This digitization makes it possible to obtain a digital format which can then be used for 3D printing, for rapid prototyping, for dimensional metrology, etc.

Our machine park is made up of 3 tomographs (including a micro tomograph) allowing very high image resolution and therefore high precision. In addition, we also have 5 measuring arms with scanning heads enabling large parts to be digitized quickly, on the customer’s site.

This digitization step makes it possible to provide files in STL format and / or polygonal models and the scan precision varies according to the tool used (from +/- 0.01 to 0.1 mm).

The retro design

Called reverse engineering: Reverse engineering makes it possible to reconstruct the CAD (IGES or STEP or CATPART format) from the point cloud resulting from the scan. The construction of the model is done first by connecting the points by three (triangulation) and then optimizing each surface, radius, sharp or rounded angle, curve, etc.

Reverse engineering is built by averaging the surfaces. The level of precision can be 0.1 mm for the most precise and up to +/- 1 mm. According to your needs, we adapt.

Goals :

– Obtain the CAD of a part for which you do not have the plans or for which you need a file quickly (eg: prototype).
– Visualize and compare the shape defects of the part compared to its theoretical CAD.
– Analyze the deformations of a mold as a function of time wear or a change of material.

In addition, thanks to its 3D printing partners, Sematec Métrologie can offer you a global solution: 3D scanning + 3D printing (plastic or metal).

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