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For this training on the Zeiss three-dimensional measuring machine, the trainees must at least know the ISO dimensioning or know how to read the geometric specifications of the GPS dimensioning. Before starting it, training in ISO rating can be provided by Sematec Métrologie to validate the knowledge acquired.

The objective of our training is to allow the trainee to become autonomous for the measurement of parts with CMM and the Calypso software.

Training program:

The principles of measurement on CMMs:
• the three-dimensional measuring machine;
• use of probes;
• the principle of measurement.

Geometric representation of the measured surfaces:

• method by the least squares criterion;
• method by the min-max criterion;
• typology of geometries associated with point clouds.

Extraction of real non-measurable elements:

• method of extracting a real axis;
• method of extracting a real midplane.

Method of construction of geometric elements:

• basic geometric elements in 3D metrology;
• construction of points, lines, planes,…;
• Calculations of angles and distances;
• Construction of a simple repository, a system of references and a common reference.

Measurement method on CMM:

• positioning of the piece on the marble;
• probe calibration;
• analysis of the specification;
• probing of surfaces;
• acquisition of toleranced elements.

Program creation:

• analysis and decoding of the ISO specification;
• identification of the real surfaces to be palpated;
• creation of the repository;
• construction of the element of the toleranced zone;
• calculations of deviations from the situation element;
• results analysis.

Application of the measurement method

• measurement of dimensional specifications;
• control of an envelope dimension;
• measurement of an orientation and position specification.

The practical exercises are carried out directly on your plans and on your parts in order to train your technicians on concrete cases they will encounter as a result of the training.

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