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A subsidiary of the Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence group, Sematec Métrologie provides PCDMIS training through this group. The strong point of this training is the trainer: COFFMET certified, our PCDMIS trainers are metrologists who have a significant capacity for adaptation: measurement of different parts on a daily basis, measurement strategy adapting to the needs of the factory, etc.

This know-how acquired through field experience is the added value of our services.

To be trained in three-dimensional measurement on the PCDMIS software, it is necessary to have experience in traditional dimensional control: plane reading, knowledge of geometric elements, dimensioning, tolerancing, …

Objectives: To be able to use the functions of the software to build 3D prism and surface control programs.
Practical work: handling and starting of the measuring machine.

Global presentation of the software PC-DMIS:

  • Practical work: navigation in the man-machine interface;
  • the control process on a 3D machine;
  • creating a measurement program & amp; Calibration of a single / multiple probe;
  • Practical work: calibration of probes;
  • geometric elements;
  • Practical work: measurement of simple geometric elements: points, lines, planes, cylinders, cones and spheres.

Coordinate systems:

  • Plane, Line, Point alignment learning. Translation and rotation;
  • Practical work: creation of alignments on different parts;
  • study of the numerical control (machine parameters, safety volume, etc.);
  • the geometric functions of PC-DMIS (construction of pitch circles and drilling points);
  • dimensions and studies of geometric tolerancing functions (location, parallelism, perpendicularity, flatness, angularity, runout);
  • TP: control of a simple part;
  • development of programs and finalization of control programs;
  • loading a CAD (Step or IGES);
  • on-screen manipulation, removal of a surface, assembly, …;
  • CAD alignment of the part and measurement of points in surface mode;
  • trajectory simulation, crash test.
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