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Mesure 3D tridimensionnelle

To train your metrologists in 3D inspection on a Mitutoyo three-dimensional measuring machine, your technicians must necessarily be familiar with reading a plan. It is from reading the plan that we can build the measurement program.
Our training courses can take place on your site or in our agencies equipped with Cosmos on a Crysta Apex 3D measuring machine (MCosmos version 4.1).

The Cosmos (Mitutoyo) training includes:

  • quotation analysis;
  • positioning the part;
  • the choice of styluses and probes according to the characteristics to be measured;
  • the calibration of the probes;
  • learning a program of simple measures (circle, line, point, cylinder, …);
  • the reference system with construction of the 3D reference frame in relation to a plan or a CAD model;
  • the tolerancing system of the elements according to the definition plan or the applied standard;
  • management of machine parameters: point checking, collision management,…;
  • the passage and modification of existing ranges;
  • manipulation and analysis of the model and creation of theoretical elements;
  • image report output and excel report output;
  • surface control;
  • measurement palletization for the control of a series of parts with a single program;
  • integration of variables.

All these concepts are put into practice very regularly during the training to be assimilated. These exercises take place directly on your parts. The training takes place in 3 or 5 days depending on the level of the metrologists to be trained.
In order for the training to be more efficient, it can be carried out in two sessions: a first training session over 3 days with a practice by your technicians then a 2-day session to address the difficulties encountered.

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