Formation Métrologie

The ISO rating training allows you to supplement your knowledge with learning about various applications:

Beginner level:

Concept and interest of the GPS rating:

  • a common language adapted to everyone’s needs;
  • functional training.

The basic principles:

  • dimension, tolerance zone, independence,…;
  • the elements: integral / derivative, nominal / extract / associated;
  • simple linear / angular tolerancing;
  • principles and associated problems; current modifiers.

Level 1 (including beginner level):

References specified:

  • simple, partial or compound;
  • reference system;
  • current modifiers;
  • tolerances of simple shapes (straightness, flatness, circularity, cylindricity);
  • orientation tolerances (parallelism, perpendicularity, inclination).

Level 2 (including level 1):

  • position tolerances (concentricity / coaxiality, symmetry, location)

Level 3 (including level 2): ​​

  • shape tolerances (2D and 3D profiles);
  • runout tolerances.

The training adapts to the level of your technicians and can take place on your site or in our premises! Practical exercises will take place on your plans directly!

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