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3D metrology training:

Experts in three-dimensional measurement, we offer training in 3D measurement adapted to your plans and your parts. These trainings are carried out by our most experienced metrologists, COFFMET certified pedagogues. They allow your teams to gain knowledge and autonomy.

Our main advantage is that they can be performed both in our laboratories and in your companies. This last option is the most effective because it allows software training on your machines, your parts and according to your problems.

There are different levels of training in order to adapt it to the trained staff:

– The fundamentals: reading plans, ISO quotation, choice of measurement means …

– 3D controller training, on three-dimensional measuring machine (PCDMIS, Metrolog X4 and XG, MCosmos and Calypso).

– 3D programmer training, also on CMM (PCDMIS, Metrolog X4 and XG, MCosmos and Calypso).

All these parameters allow us to provide you with quality training adapted to the level of your staff.

The main objectives of these trainings are to initiate and / or improve knowledge on:

  • map reading;
  • ISO rating;
  • three-dimensional measurement (base and programming on the software PCDMIS, Cosmos, Metrolog X4 and XG, Calypso, …);
  • improvement in 3D measurement.
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