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Thanks to our know-how in non-destructive testing, Sematec Métrologie provides a team of 8 COFREND-accredited technicians, 2 in magnetic particle testing, penetrant testing and ultrasound.

Our teams are mobile and thus allow rapid and efficient intervention with our equipment or yours. We operate in France and in Europe.

All of these services allow the characterization of the condition of structures or materials without degrading them. These measurements can be carried out during maintenance, during production or during use.

Magnetic particle inspection makes it possible to highlight all cracks close to the surface or emerging, thanks to a magnetic flux attracting metal particles. This process is widely used for underlying and emerging indications. On the other hand, the materials must be ferromagnetic.
Penetrant penetrant testing is a process which makes it possible to highlight emerging discontinuities such as cracks or cracks. This method is carried out thanks to a penetrant applied to the surface of the part, which after washing, brings out the various defects thanks to the developer. This method is widely used in aeronautics, medicine and finally in all energy production industries.

Ultrasound compared to other methods, allows the detection of defects in the material. This process, widely used in forges and foundries, is carried out using an ultrasonic wave emitted from the surface of the part. The result is obtained by means of an oscilloscope which makes it possible to quantify the fault as a function of the signals received.

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