Calibration of your measuring equipment

On our site of the Frette (38) calibration of the following elements:

• gauge blocks, rings and buffers;
• rods, pins, depth gauges;
• calipers, micrometers and comparators;
• dynamometric tools, profile projectors, measurement columns, etc.

Our equipment:

• Zeiss calibration bench (ULM);
• Z-Mike laser shadow measurement bench;
• Sylvac motorized bench;
• Norbar torque test bench;
• Cary controller.

About calibration:

Calibration is the operation of comparing the values ​​indicated by the device to be calibrated with the corresponding reference values ​​(standards).
In some regulated areas, calibration is mandatory, for example when errors can cause accidents, product quality drifts or in commercial trade operations (legal metrology).
Metrological verification consists in providing proof by measurements (calibration) that specific requirements are met. The result of a check is expressed by a decision of conformity (followed by a return to service) or non-conformity (followed by adjustment, repair, decommissioning or reform of the apparatus).
The purpose of a laboratory is to check, calibrate / adjust, and repair test and measurement devices.

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