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Non-contact measurement is the solution for dimensional control of flexible (rubber, elastomer, etc.) or deformable (injected, thermoformed plastics, etc.) parts. Sematec Métrologie has the 3 major tools for this type of metrology:

  • optical measuring machines;
  • X-ray tomographs;
  • scanning measuring arms.


3D control with optical machine:

This measurement is performed using a camera and different lighting levels. This measurement is fast and precise (precision starting at 2 µ) and is similar to an automated profile projector control. At Sematec Metrologie, these machines are generally coupled to a probe for a few Z measurements. This type of means equipped with monochrome light, allows high quality expertise thanks to its powerful X900 zoom (see watch gears for example or the measurement of very thin part).
With different types of lighting possible (profile, above, below or even fragmented) we can thus measure parts of different materials to compensate for the reflection of light.
Our laboratories are equipped with almost all brands of optical machines: OGP, Mitutoyo, Microvu, Optiv and Microna.

Our services are varied:

  • measurement of parts on our machines;
  • programming on multi-cavity assays for a measurement in your factory (QVPACK software, Pcdmis, Measuremind, InSpect Vision and Measure X).

The maximum size of our measuring tables is 450mm * 450mm.

3D X-ray control:

Tomography makes it possible to scan a part without touching it. At the end of the scan, the generated point cloud allows measurements to be made on exterior and interior dimensions (not accessible without destruction). We use several measurement software according to your needs: VGStudio, Calypso (Zeiss) or Polyworks, (Innovmetric). For more information, here is the specific page for this type of control: tomography measurement page. Accuracy to +/- 9 µ.

Maximum acquisition size: cylinder 350 mm high x 350 mm in diameter.

The scan with measuring arm:

The majority of our 7 measuring arms are equipped with a scanning head. The latter makes it possible to acquire a large number of points in a short time and the measuring arm makes it possible to locate the point cloud in space. This tool is portable and the scan can therefore be performed on your site, under different conditions of temperature and deformation of your parts. Sematec Métrologie is equipped with scanning arms from 2.5 m to 4.5 m, the precision of which starts at +/- 55 µ.

For contactless measurement, do not hesitate to submit your consultations to us so that we can find the best solution to answer them.

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