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métrologie aéronautique

As a 3D measurement service provider for large parts, Sematec Métrologie is equipped with various portable or fixed measurement systems depending on the size of your parts and the level of precision required.

In our laboratory:

We are equipped with an AED Alpha capable of measuring parts up to 3300 mm (length) by 2500 mm (width) and up to 1500 mm in height. This measuring machine is located in an air-conditioned room at 20 ° C and the parts are measured after 24 hours of stabilization in order to ensure a measurement in optimal conditions. We also have the appropriate means of transport for handling up to 4T and a mobile crane. The precision of this 3D measuring machine starts at 5µ and allows repeatable measurement by numerical control without operator influence.

Our laboratory services:

  • 3D control of the dimensions on the plan on parts and tools;
  • periodic checking and adjustment of tools;
  • passage of control range for the control of parts in series.

Our large three-dimensional measuring machine currently works with QUINDOS and PCDMIS (Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence) software and can work with other software (Metrolog X4, Polyworks, etc.).

Our services on customer site:

  • three-dimensional measurement of parts and tools with portable measuring means (LEICA laser tracker and ROMER measuring arm, etc.);
  • tool measurement, adjustment and adjustment;
  • surface scanning for dynamic reports and colorimetry (superimposition of the scanned point cloud and the original CAD).

As for our other activities, the metrology reports are adapted to your needs: excel frame, graphic view, image report with colorimetry, …

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