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Need a responsive 3D measurement service provider for a one-off or recurring check?

You have come to the right place:

  • Quote within 24 to 48 hours,
  • Response capacity on very precise small parts (CMM) as well as large ones (CMM, scan arm, laser tracker),
  • Measurement in branch or on customer site,
  • Establishment everywhere in France to be close to your needs

Equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, Sematec Métrologie is able to measure all types of technical parts: plastics, metals, composites, etc. The great diversity of the machine park makes it possible to use a tool adapted to the tolerance of the dimensions (precision machine to from a micron with an ultra-precise Leitz machine) and the dimensions of the parts (3D measuring machine up to 3.3m long by 2.5m wide, measuring arms up to 4.5m and tracker lasers for several dozen meter).

Our laboratory measurement services:

Our equipment:

  • 33 three-dimensional measuring machines (Dea, Leitz, Zeiss, Mitutoyo and Johansson brands): up to 3.3m in length, by 2.5m in width and 1.5m in height;
  • 8 optical measuring machines (Mitutoyo, OGP, Microvu, Optiv and Microna);
  • 8 ROMER measuring arms (probing and scanning up to 4.5m, Polyworks software, Metrolog X4, Pcdmis and Power Inspect);
  • 3 LEICA tracker lasers;
  • 5 roughness gauges and 3 contouroscopes (profile gauges);
  • calipers, measuring columns, wedges, pegs, …

Our software:

  • Pcdmis (DEA);
  • Quindos (Leitz);
  • Calypso (Zeiss);
  • Mcosmos and QVPACK (Mitutoyo);
  • Metrolog XG and Metrolog X4 (CMM, measuring arm and laser tracker);
  • Polyworks (scanning and laser tracker measuring arm);
  • Power Inspect (probing measuring arm);
  • Measure X and Measure Mind (OGP);
  • InspecVision (Microvu).

Dimensional measurement report adapted to your request:

  • Sematec excel frame with bubble plan or client frame (initial samples or FAI, capabilities, R & R test, etc.);
  • pictorial report: superimposition of the scanned part with its theoretical model (CAD) to quickly visualize material surpluses and shortages;
  • complete report with dimensional measurement + control of the surface finish (Ra, Rz, …).

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