3D metrologist secondment confirmed on site

From a few days to several months …

mesure 3d sur site
Metrologist on your CMMs
3D measurement - Control

Excess activity, absence of your metrologists, holidays, …

You are already equipped with three-dimensional measuring machines (Hexagon, Zeiss, Mitutoyo, Wenzel, Nikon, …) or arm / laser tracker (Romer, Faro, …)

and you have the same difficulties as all industrialists: impossible to find confirmed interim metrologists! It’s normal, it is a profession for which confirmed metrologists are rare (what is more, on the same software you have).

Calling on a service provider is therefore a quick way (within a week, or sometimes less) to have a solution to meet your 3D control needs.

We provide you with experienced metrologists in three-dimensional control to use your equipment:

  • CMMs (Three-dimensional measuring machines): on software Pcdmis (DEA – Hexagon Metrology), Metrolog X4 and XG, Mcosmos (Mitutoyo), Calypso (Zeiss), Quindos (Leitz – Hexagon Metrology),…;
  • MMO (optical machines): Optiv, OGP, Microvu, Microna, Mitutoyo,…;
  • ROMER, FARO or Nikon measuring arm on Polyworks, Power Inspect, Metrolog X4 software;
  • Leica or Faro laser tracker on Polyworks software.

Schedule adapted to your rhythm: work during the day, in a team, in 3 * 8, public holidays, summer period, …

Our team intervenes during the period of your peak load for a mission (from a few days to several years) directly in your premises.

Since 1987, we have had the opportunity to provide services for clients operating in different sectors of activity (automotive, aeronautics, aerospace, rail, medical, pharmaceutical, agricultural, …) in France and abroad (United States). United, China, Russia, Poland, Tunisia, Morocco, Romania, Germany,…).

We adapt our service to your constraints (technical, software, localization, etc.). As part of a global service, we carry out the measurement programs in our premises (in “Off-Line” also called “Off-Line”) before then going to install them on your machines in France and abroad.


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