Laser tracker – geometric control on site

Laser Leica AT403

A laser tracker service provider, also called a tracking laser, Sematec Métrologie provides on-site measurement services:

– Measure of large part
-Tool settings and periodic verification
-Assist in the alignment of machine tools
-Pre-adjustment and adjustment of the assembly line
-Control of surface points in comparison with CAD

With 6 agencies in France (including Toulouse, Nantes, Lyon and the Paris region), we operate everywhere in France and abroad.

Our Leica laser trackers make it possible to follow the probing sphere, called reflector, thanks to a laser beam and that with great precision. The measurement uncertainty is +/- 15µm + 6µ / m.

In addition to the control activity, our technicians are able to make tool adjustments to bring them into conformity by adding foil, the mechanical offset of certain elements , …

We operate in the mechanical industry: Energy, Railways, Nuclear, Aeronautics, Automotive, Maintenance, …, and for different manufacturing processes: machining, sheet metal work, assembly, mechanically welded assembly, thermoforming, composite, …

In addition, Sematec Métrologie being open all year round, we can detach our laser tracker technicians during holiday periods (summer and winter) so that checks can be carried out during your load drops or machine shutdown.

To conclude, do you need an experienced metrologist on your site to carry out a large-scale inspection? Contact us!



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