Expert in three-dimensional control , Sematec Métrologie is today the leader in France in the field of dimensional metrology with 6 laboratories and a hundred employees as well as a fleet of state-of-the-art machines.

The key to the success of this group lies in 4 points:

– The technical competence of the women and men who make up each of the laboratories.

– The diversity of the machine park (three-dimensional measuring machines, optical machines, measuring arms, traditional measuring means, endoscopes, binoculars, etc.).

reactivity (40 three-dimensional and optical measuring machines, 8 measuring arms, 3 tracker lasers, 3 tomographs and 80 metrologists).

– The proximity to 6 metrology agencies in France.

Since its creation (1987), the core business of Sematec Métrologie has been dimensional control of parts and tools .

Building on this technical competence and attentive listening to customer requests, Sematec Métrologie has extended its fleet of machines and the scope of its services. It is above all thanks to its customers and its know-how that the company has been able to develop (15 employees in 2007, 100 employees in 2018).

The technical competence requiring quality training, Sematec Métrologie has set up expert metrologists and referents on certain software to then provide training in internally and then for its customers. As standard software training is often too theoretical, Sematec Métrologie builds its own training courses from the plans and parts of its customers, with practical exercises carried out directly on the parts concerned.

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