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Since the creation of Sematec Metrologie in 1987 and although it has experienced strong variations in activity, the automotive sector has been Sematec Metrologie’s historical sector of activity and represented 30% of its turnover in 2017.

The complex expertise of plastic parts subject to significant deformation is a real added value to our services. In the context of new projects, Sematec Métrologie is mainly involved in the initial samples phase, at the capability stage and for the expertise of parts.

Historically working for tier 1 subcontractors: Faurecia, Valeo, Plastic Omnium, Visteon, etc. Sematec Métrologie is now listed in tier 1 by Peugeot and Renault.

As part of automotive development projects, we work on various services

– roughness and profile measurement;
– tomography expertise to detect defects inside the material (porosities, air bubbles, leaks, etc.);
– reverse engineering as part of competitive intelligence;
– surface control by colorimetry for the scanning of parts with superposition on the CAD model;
– control with measuring arm and laser tracker on site for tooling adjustment (fittings, stampings, etc.);
– creation of an Offline range for 3D machines (Metrolog XG and X4, Mcosmos, Quindos, Pcdmis, Calypso, etc.);
– measurement in production at high speed, factory 4.0;
– manual or automated conveyor system and centering system for CMMs
– design of control models (assembly and fitting), single or multi-part;
– control of internal dimensions without cutting parts by X-rays;
– switching from existing ranges to our CMMs with Repeatability and Reproducibility test.
– measurement of initial samples (E.I) in the laboratory on a 3D measuring machine and capabilities;

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