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The aeronautics sector is a major activity at Sematec Metrologie. We intervene at several stages of the process: upstream with F.A.I or 1st article control as well as in production control (load shedding of 3D series control) and finally in expertise on disputes or specific issues after assembly. In addition, and to be in order with the EN9100, we periodically monitor the tools of many large groups (our measures go as far as adjustment, our customers wishing to recover compliant tools). Here are the services we provide for aeronautical 3D measurement services:

3D metrologists confirmed on customer site for a few days to several months / years: CMM, Measuring arm & amp; Laser Tracker.

– 3D control on three-dimensional measuring machines for flying parts and tools.

– Periodic checking of tools control + adjustment and adjustment if necessary.

– Measurement load shedding on our machines with your programs (dual source, variable adjustment of your production to ensure your delivery times).

– Realization of F.A.I (First Article Inspection), D.V.I (Industrial validation file).

– Balancing and tracing of the foundry blank before machining.

– Creation of measurement programs Offline: Metrolog XG and X4 software, Pcdmis & amp; Quindos (Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence), Calypso (Zeiss), Mcosmos (Mitutoyo), Polyworks & amp; Power Inspect.

– 3D measurement on site customer : With laser tracker or arm probing / scanning measurement, metrologist on customer 3D machine, …

– 3D scanning : Digitization and reverse design of old parts or retouched tools .

– Tomography and expertise of plastic, composite and metal parts.

– Design and production of control models with automated conveying system.

– Industrialization: Development and correlation of measurement programs.

Sematec Métrologie provides many services for the Aeronautics and Space sector, in particular on parts and tools for aircraft engines, structural parts, mechanical assemblies and all the tools that allow the production of airplanes, satellites , …

In 2017, the aeronautics and aerospace sector represented nearly 30% of the turnover of the Sematec Métrologie group.

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