Experts in 3D control: CMM, arm scan &  laser tracker,
RX tomography &  retro 3d design 

Provider at your service : 3D CMM measurement (high precision) , 3D control with measuring arm and laser tracker , RX tomography (porosities, cracks, …) , scanning & amp; 3D scanning , 3D measurement on customer site , assembly & amp; control fitting , Training in iso dimensioning / measurement on marble / CMM measurement , …

Specialist in 3D control of parts of all dimensions for more than 30 years (from a few millimeters several tens of meters),
Sematec Metrology has 6 laboratories near your site: Island of France, Lyon / Grenoble, Ain valley, Nantes, Toulouse and Creutzwald.

We are EN9100 and ISO9001 certified.

Need a local service provider who responds to your requests within 24 to 48 hours? You are in the right place

sematec metrologie la frette

The responsiveness of an SME combined with the power of a large group is our strength.
Sematec Metrologie is part of the Manufacturing Intelligence division of Hexagon.

Machine de mesure grande dimension

Three-dimensional measurement in the laboratory

Bearing in mind the 3D control overloads, releasing your metrology from the control of initial samples, capabilities, 1st article or F.A.I and periodic checking of tools with adjustments, outsourcing the entry control, … Subcontract at Sematec Métrologie!

Ability to respond quickly: 40 3D measuring machines and 80 metrologists.

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X-ray tomography

Visualize porosities, cracks, assembly defects, brazing problems, air bubbles, material inclusions and delamination on all types of parts: plastics, glasses, composites, aluminum , titanium, steel, …

Non-destructive analysis.

Multi-material capabilities: 3 tomographs of 450kV, 225kV and 160kV.

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Tomographie rayons X
Numérisation 3D d'une voiture

3D scanning

An old part or tool on which you do not have the digital plans? Need to relaunch them in production?

We scan your parts and do the reverse engineering (or reverse engineering) to provide you with a CAD in .STEP or .IGES

Our resources: CMT continuous scanning & amp; tomograph (fixed and precise medium) as well as scan & amp; measuring arm; laser tracker with T-scan (mobile device).

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Measurement engineering

For holding flexible parts (plastics …) during the check
or to palletize the series control and save cycle time,
we design custom control fixtures
(with CMM & amp; Optics programming if necessary).

We also produce control assemblies and templates .

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Montage de contrôle automobile
Formation métrologie


Our added value: practical training, based on your plans and parts (and on your machine if you wish!).
No need to learn all the functionalities of a CMM measurement software, let’s focus on the essentials with a trainer who has the field culture of your parts. We are DATADOCK.

Our training: ISO quotation, Measurement on marble and 3D measurement training .

MMT training: software Mcosmos , Metrolog X4 , Calypso and Pcdmis .

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Who are we?

Some figures to introduce us:

– 6 local agencies and nearly 120 employees (early 2020) including 90 3D metrologists
– 33 coordinate measuring machines: Hexagon , Zeiss & amp; Mitutoyo with Metrolog X4, Calypso, Mcosmos, Pcdmis & amp; Quindos
– 9 optical measuring machines: OGP, Microvu, Mitutoyo and Hexagon with Inspect, Pcdmis, Qvpack and Measure X software
– 4 Leica tracker lasers for large-scale on-site measurement missions (AT403 & amp; AT960)
– 9 Romer scan arm for on-site measurements, adjustments and scan
– 3 RX tomographs brand Nikon , GE and Zeiss with VG Studio software
– Endoscopes, roughness gauges, Mahr and Mitutoyo profilometers and all conventional measuring equipment (calipers, gauges, etc.)